Building Envelope Systems: Your Construction Partner

Building Envelope Systems

With the construction industry consistently evolving and changing, it can be difficult for contractors, architects, and builders to keep up with the latest developments. Building Envelope Systems (BES) is a trusted business partner who focuses on professionalism and guides you toward the ultimate success of your project. Our BES team has a deep wealth of knowledge in all areas of quality building materials, sustainability best practices, and structural needs. Our goal is to move projects forward confidently.

Team BES Experience & Professionalism

BES is a leader in the Northeast construction industry because of our vast experience with professional staff, detailed estimating, automated processing, and American-made materials. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of the building process, from design consultation to material selection and field installation. We are committed to helping you build the best project possible and will be with you every step of the way.

Driving Future Construction Growth

At BES, we strive to push boundaries and future-proof buildings for long-lasting durability. We believe buildings bring communities together, and we have a long track record of seamlessly delivering projects that are durable, safe, sustainable, and cost-effective to our partners. Our commitment to driving future construction growth will help create new opportunities for local communities and economies to grow while also safeguarding buildings with quality materials like structural steel, miscellaneous metals, and exterior metal paneling. We have a strong dedication to making each project as successful as possible.

Team BES as a Construction Partner

Building & Construction Materials

At BES, we offer various material offerings, including structural steel fabrication, interior and exterior metal stairs, interior and exterior metal rails, exterior metal panel systems, and design and consulting services. Let’s explore these services further:

  • Structural Steel: Our highly automated structural steel processing is produced with local forces and remarkable precision. This entire fabrication and steel erection process takes a lot of consistent talent, focus, and skill.
  • Metal Panel: We offer a variety of metal panel systems that have various applications, from architectural, commercial, and industrial. We can use insulated panels, dry joint metal panels, corrugated panels, and terra cotta.
  • Misc. Metal: BES offers a variety of miscellaneous metal products, including stairs, rails, balconies, guardrails, and ladders. Depending on your unique project needs, we can provide a basic or custom product with various finishes.
  • Design and Consulting: Consultation and building design services can significantly benefit any partner looking to build or renovate a space. With the myriad of decisions that come with the engineering, budgeting, planning, and implementation phases of construction projects, we offer professional help to navigate it all.

Our experienced team can help you select suitable materials that fit your project budget, timeline, and unique needs while providing long-lasting durability that meets the required safety regulations. In addition, we have access to top-of-the-line materials made in America, which allows us to ensure you get a high-quality build each time.  

Team BES Commitment

We have a strong dedication to making each project as successful as possible. In doing so, we focus on providing quality service to our customers, hard work and craftsmanship, and loyalty to our clients. Our values drive us forward each day, ensuring we provide excellent customer service throughout each project we work on from start to finish. We are proud of our commitment to quality service.

With BES by your side, you can rest assured knowing you have an experienced partner who provides quality building and construction offerings while being devoted, loyal, and hardworking throughout each project – big or small! If you are looking for a partner that can provide you with a successful build every time, contact us today: https://www.teambes.com/contact/